Exhibitions in 2020

We are present at a lot of interesting exhibitions in 2020!

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus there are a few changes in the dates of the exhibitions.

We would like to inform you here which exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled

  • South West Chicken Association 31st of March in the UK (New date to be defined) 

  • Irish Pig Health Society Symposium 7th of April in Ireland (New date to be defined) 

  • HavExpo 7th – 6th of May in Norway (New date to be defined – fall 2020) 

  • Pig Rentability Day 5th of June in Belgium (New date to be defined – 2021) 

  • Great Yorkshire Show 14th – 16th of July in the UK

  • Alresford Show 5th of September in the UK 

  • British Pig & Poultry Fair 12th – 13th of May in Norway the UK  

  • Staffordshire Country Show 28th of May in the UK

New dates
  • Dutch Poultry Expo 9th – 10th of June in The Netherlands

  • Pig & Poultry Focus Asia 9th – 10th of July in Thailand

  • VIV MEA 31st of August – 2nd of September in Abu Dhabi

  • CAHE 4th – 6th of September in China

  • Royal Cornwall Show 10th – 12th of September in the UK

  • Quality Days 15th of October in Belgium

  • Interclean Amsterdam 3th – 6th of November in The Netherlands

  • Health&Care 2nd – 4th of December in Belgium

Feel free to join us on our booth during these exhibitions! You can always ask your CID LINES contact about the exhibitions and our booth location.