Keno™san Omnia Secur

  • universal foam and manual cleaner
  • excellent cleaning and degreasing properties
  • good biodegradability

In our accredited laboratories, specialized chemists, engineers and pharmacists work on the continuous improvement of formulations and processes. But our team works also on the development of new products. One of these latest new products is Keno™san Omnia Secur, which is part of our food division. Please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative for more information and get this product now!


Product information:

Keno™san Omnia Secur is a concentrated universal cleaner with excellent cleaning and degreasing properties. Keno™san Omnia Secur can be used as a manual cleaner as well as a foam cleaner. Keno™san Omnia Secur is suitable for application on all surfaces (rinse sensitive materials well after application), has a good biodegradability and is environmental friendly. Keno™san Omnia Secur is now available in a can of 25 kg.


  • Manual cleaning: dosage depending on degree of contamination: 0,2-1%.
  • Foam cleaning: dosage depending on degree of contamination: 1-5%.
  • Rinse thoroughly.