Kenotek PRO

Wheel Cleaner
Strong RTU wheel cleaner
  • strong cleaner for rims removes black deposit and road grime safe to use
Polish & Protect
Two-in-one polish
  • removes impurities and small scratches ensures a deep gloss and high-end protection can be applied manual or automatically easy to use pleasant perfume
Interior Cleaner
Interior cleaner
  • cleans thoroughly upholstery can be used on textile, plastic, leather,... removes the most stubborn stains pleasant perfume
Anti Insect
Insect remover for all vehicles
  • removes fast and effortless all insects can be used for the bodywork and windscreen safe to use
Snow Foam Shampoo
Highly concentrared neutral foam shampoo
  • Safe on all surfaces Doesn't attack wax coatings or sealants Ultimate foam Not harmful for the skin Green apple smell
Leather Cream
Professional leather cream
  • professional leather cream cleans, protects, feeds and enhances the lifetime of the leather contains high quality raw materials 'new leather' perfume