Garages & industry

Trans D
Strong alkaline degreaser
  • strong concentrated alkaline degreaser removes oil and grease from spare-parts and garage floors
Universal interior cleaner
  • universal interior cleaner for cars and trucks removes nicotine, ink, grease, ... suitable for most surfaces
Trans NT +
Alkaline universal floor cleaner
  • universal floor cleaner degreasing non foaming garage floors anti slip activity manual and mechanical cleaning
Handsoap with scrubbing beads
  • handsoap with gentle scrubbing beads solvent free cosmetic quality
D 300
Biodegradable solvent degreaser
  • concentrated biodegradable solvent degreaser removes oil and grease from engines, spare parts and constructions free from petroleum derivates safe to use on aluminium
Omniwash Liquid
Concentrated liquid laundry detergent
  • concentrated liquid detergent hand and machine wash all colors 30° - 90°C easy to use
Omniwash Powder
Professional washing powder
  • washing powder for hand and machine wash high concentration of active ingredients for al types of textile 30°C - 90°C
Silicone free dressing
Silicone free interior product
  • - Matt effect & anti-static - Free of silicones - Body shop proof - Easy to apply