CIP cleaning

DM Cid
Alkaline chorinated cleaner and disinfectant
  • alcaline chlorinated cleaner and disinfectant
  • for CIP installations and surfaces
Nitra Cid-D
Acid cleaner with decontaminating action
  • acid cleaner
  • decontaminanting action
  • removal of protein, iron and lime scale deposits
  • based on nitric and lactic acid
DM Clean Eco
Alkaline non foaming cleaner
  • natriumhydroxide based alkaline cleaner
  • for tankcleaning
  • non foaming
Nitra Cid
Acid cleaner for CIP systems
  • acid cleaner
  • based on nitric acid
  • removes persistant limescale, proteins and iron deposits
DM Clean Super
Alkaline CIP cleaner
  • alkaline cleaner
  • based on potassium and sodium hydroxide
  • for tankcleaning
  • non foaming
Pho Cid
Acid cleaner for CIP systems
  • concentrated acid cleaner for CIP installations and crate washing machines
  • based on phosphoric and sulphuric acid
  • with a strong detergency effect
Acid disinfectant for CIP installations
  • Acid disinfectant for CIP installations
  • Based on peracetic acid (5%) and hydrogen peroxide
  • Strong oxidizer
DM Clean Ultra
Strong alkaline CIP cleaner
  • strong alkaline cleaner
  • non foaming
  • CIP installations, equipment and all surfaces