A modern logo for the 52nd edition

After the jubilee of the 50th edition of the Ypres Rally, CID LINES, a successful Ypres company with international presence, supported the future of the European top game in Flanders. With the private label for innovative products for Vehicle Care, Kenotek, CID LINES became the name sponsor of the Kenotek Ypres Rally.


The collaboration was successful so that Ypres and the region will once again be dominated by the Kenotek by CID LINES Ypres Rally from 23 to 25 June.

“Kenotek is a state of the art range of innovative products that is developed for the care and maintenance of vehicles,” says Helena Brutsaert of Kenotek by CID LINES. “We are the market leader in Belgium with a range aimed at all companies that are involved in Vehicle Care in one way or another, such as car washes, truck washes, garages and other workshops for vehicles and machines. Just like all our innovative products, these products were developed in-house by our chemists and engineers who constantly strive for the very best. CID LINES exports its products to over 90 countries. The partnership with the high-tech Kenotek Ypres Rally, where sparkling top cars compete at a high international level, is a perfect match.”

“The innovative strength of Kenotek by CID LINES and striving for excellence on an international level fit perfectly with the look of the Kenotek Ypres Rally. The Kenotek Ypres Rally is among the top competitions in the European Rally Championship, which is recognized each year by the FIA once again, according to the report of an observer. We are therefore also extremely pleased with the confidence that Kenotek by CID LINES has confirmed for the coming years,” according to Jan Huyghe, Marketing Director of Club Superstage, organizer of the Kenotek Ypres Rally.

In order to put extra emphasis on the renewed cooperation with Kenotek by CID LINES, Club Superstage is launching a new logo for the Kenotek Ypres Rally. A modern logo, characterized by a trendy Y (of Ypres) as background, in the same style as the logos of the other events of Club Superstage: the Rallysprint of the Monteberg, the Ypres Historic Rally and the Aarova Rallysprint of Oudenaarde. The unique and homogeneous corporate identity reinforces the identity of the brand.

In short, the preparation of the 52nd Kenotek Ypres Rally 2016, held from 23 until 25 June, is already in process.