CID LINES, hygiene specialist for Dairy farms has developed an app that calculates the cost of mastitis on your farm... Mastitis Cost Calculator! 

It has been created to bring awareness concerning the costs of mastitis, well-known costs related to clinical mastitis as well as indirect costs such as loss of potential milk production related to high somatic cell count.
Underestimating the cost of mastitis is a general problem in the sector. Taking the specific figures from the farm can be an eye-opener! The app is an easy tool, 5 steps and you get an estimation of the total cost of mastitis on your farm.
The app will give you a detailed report indicating what is the impact of clinical mastitis, replacement cost and somatic cell count on your finances. By setting up some goals for udder health and milk quality, the app will also let you know what can be the financial benefit if you reach your targets.
The app is available for Ios (App Store) and Android.