Fish Hatcheries


The fish hatchery, where the young fish are produced en masse year after year and distributed to fish growers, has become an essential part of modern fish culture. Due to increased market pressure to produce high quality and low cost fish, the aquaculture industry has been forced to develop technologies that reduce the level of risk to investors yet maintain reliable production output. Cleaning and disinfecting is one of them!



Prevention should be considered the first line of defense when managing egg disease and survival. Simple management strategies, such as: disinfecting the hatchery before the hatchery season, disinfecting hands, disinfecting egg masses before bringing them into the hatchery, and using a pathogen-free water supply, help prevent the introduction of infectious pathogens into the hatchery.

The goals of a good hatchery management program should be to prevent disease and provide the optimal environment for embryo development and survival. CID LINES, an Ecolab company, helps the fish farmer in achieving this goal by offering a broad range of high quality cleaning and disinfecting products.


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