Nigeria has the highest population in West Africa: almost 200 million people (more than all the other West African or ECOWAS countries combined). It is also a member of OPEC: US $ are available at the National bank. In the future, imports will have to be covered by L/C's.

Poultry imports are officially forbidden. In contrast to the neighboring countries, this has developed a genuine broiler industry: Nigeria is Africa's n° 5 broiler producer (after South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria). 

There is smuggling of poultry meat through neighboring Benin and a lot of back yard poultry. Avian Influenza and other diseases remain a big risk. Nigeria is Africa's n° 1 layer and egg producer! Hatching eggs of GP layers can be imported ( day old layer chicks (or point of lays) not because of the ban). All mayor breeds are represented through franchises: The layer farms are getting bigger. Min. size is now 10.000 layers, but there are many farms with 100.000 to 500.000 hens, even with 700.000 hens!

Many people don't have electricity. So they can¹t store meat in a refrigerator, but they can store eggs in their natural package: the egg shell! Nigerians consume 65 eggs / person / year on average. (Compare with USA : more than 300).



On the picture you can see, from left to right:

  • Mr Akpa Onallo, CEO of Griffin & Stettler Ltd, our importer and also Director General of the Nigerian Poultry Association
  • Mr. John Caleb Dasar, Chairman of the Plateau State division of the Nigerian Poultry Association
  • Luc Ledoux, Business Unit Manager