Avian Influenza | Introduction | Prevention measures | Personal hygiene program | Vehicle disinfection program | Decontamination program​


Preventing spread of disease does not end at the border of your farm. Lots of diseases are being spread by transportation. Therefore it is necessary to consider the importance of cleaning and disinfecting poultry vehicles.

Before applying the right procedures, be sure that you are wearing clean and disinfected clothing.

  • Remove all equipment that can be dismantled and cannot be cleaned on the spot.

  • Remove all dry litter, mud , straw from all surfaces, wheels, wheel arches etc.

  • Use a CIDLINES, an Ecolab company, Car & Truck cleaning product to soak all surfaces. Pay attention to ceilings, wheels, lift, etc. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Clean the removed equipment and other tools with a proper detergent.

  • After soaking rinse all surfaces and equipment under high pressure.

  • Inspect your vehicle for possible remaining organic material.

  • Your disinfectant should be compatible with your detergent , active in the presence of organic material, safe for your vehicle and effective at all temperatures.

  • Disinfect all surfaces inside and out with CID20 / VIROCID (www.virocid.com). Work your way down from the top to the bottom and pay attention to cracks and wheels. Do not forget the underside of the vehicle.

  • Move the vehicle to a clean and disinfected place to let it drain and dry.

  • Remove clothing and disinfect them.

Never forget the next set of rules and apply them at all times for every vehicle:

  • Wash down the wheels and wheel arches between farm visits.

  • Avoid visiting infected farms.

  • Wear disposable clothing supplied by the farm.

  • Apply the preventive measures taken by the farm.   

  • Clean and disinfect vehicles, esp. wheels after each trip.