Avian Influenza | Introduction | Prevention measures | Personal hygiene program | Vehicle disinfection program | Decontamination program​

Precautionary requirements are important in a state of alert

All possible preventive measures have to be taken to help prevent spread of diseases.

In preventing the spread, the correct choice of your disinfectant is of great importance. After all, other pathogens, besides Avian Influenza, may be present in the farm too. Therefore the use of a broad spectrum disinfectant which is also effective against other viruses as well as bacteria and fungi is highly recommended. Generally taken, the more different active ingredients and the higher the concentration of active ingredients a disinfectant has, the better the quality. But, only active ingredients are not enough, also stabilizing, sequestering and surface active agents have an important effect on the quality of the disinfectant. Therefore, a disinfectant can be correctly judged based on efficacy reports.  All high quality disinfectants can provide official test reports which proves the efficacy off the product at certain dilutions. However, it’s very important to know how the tests have been carried out! Only tests where field conditions are simulated (by adding organic material and using hard water) are relevant , as most disinfectants score remarkably better when tested in clean lab conditions (without adding organic material and with demineralised water).

CID LINES, an Ecolab company, recommends the use of CID20 / VIROCID (www.virocid.com) since it has been proven to be the most effective at the lowest dilution against most bacteria, fungi and viruses.






  • Limit the farm to one combined entrance and exit
  • Minimize the number of visitors on the premises
  • Visitors have to wear farm clean & disinfected booths and overalls
  • If possible provide shower-policy



 Foot dips

  • Place foot dips with broad spectrum activity at all entrances.
  • Renew them regularly





 Hand  washing

  • Wash hands at any entry, at changing activity, before starting, after breaks and before leaving the farm





  • Place suitable disinfection mats for all type of vehicles and spray equipment to make sure that all vehicles are disinfected
  • Also disinfect the vehicles when leaving the premises




 Building,    Roads a.o.

  • Remove all organic matter
  • Clean all surfaces thoroughly with detergent
  • Rinse with clean water under high pressure
  • Disinfect all surfaces