Avian Influenza | Introduction | Prevention measures | Personal hygiene program | Vehicle disinfection program | Decontamination program​


Following hygiene protocol for poultry farms and visitors was established by FAVV* or FEDERAL AGENCY for the Safety of the Food Chain. It’s also applicable in mixed farms in case of a disease outbreak in other livestock.

(*): FAVV is the Belgian official institute that, in order to guarantee safe food, controls the whole food chain: ‘from farm to fork”. During outbreaks of animal diseases, FAVV issues measurements in order to prevent the spread of the infectious disease.

1. Access to poultry farm / barns

  • Respect all entrance prohibitions on poultry farms and/or barns.

  • Only enter a poultry barn if necessary.

  • At arrival on the farm, each poultry service man should report himself to the farm manager or an appointed responsible.

  • The poultry barns can only be entered with the permission of the farm manager or the appointed responsible.

2. Hygiene guidelines when entering a poultry farm / barn

  • If possible, leave vehicles outside the farm. Otherwise: vehicles must be cleaned and disinfected before entering the farm and before leaving the farm.

  • On board of each vehicle, there should be a back sprayer, filled with a ready to use approved disinfectant.

  • Visiting two different farms within 48 hours should be avoided. If this is not possible, showering in between two visits is highly recommended. This measurement also should be applied by the team that catches and loads poultry for slaughtering.

  • Name of every visitor, date and reason of visit should be noted in the visitors register. Even if they don’t enter the barns.

  • Entrance of the barns is only done, by passing the changing room, which is on the edge of the clean and dirty zone of the farm. In the changing room: hands should be washed and clean working cloths and booths should be put on.

  • Cloths and booths for visitors:

    • Or putting on clean clothes and booths which belong to the farm (= the best and safest way!)

    • Or only use disposable clothes and booths, which are left at the farm after the visit.

    • Or per visit, visitor has to take his own clean clothes (separately packed), and disinfected booths.

  • All used material has to be cleaned and disinfected before and after usage.

  • Put booth dips at entrance and exit of every barn and ensure their use!

  • Only use by FAVV (or by official institution of your country) approved disinfectants.

  • In the car, used materials, clothing, shoes, are kept strictly separated from clean materials, clothes and shoes.

  • Finally extra hygienic measurements, established by the farm manager or FAVV (or by official institution of your country)have to be respected.