Natural solvent replacer
  • concentrated stain remover
  • for obstinate contamination
  • general cleaner for hard, non-porous surfaces
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DX 100 is a concentrated stain remover and solvent for obstinate contamination. 

DX 100 can be applied as: 

- strong solvent for engine parts, paint residue, glue residue, cleaning ovens, chewing gum, … 

- stain remover for carpets, working cloths 

- general cleaner for surfaces in glass, untreated floors and hard, non-porous surfaces (vinyl, metal, aluminum, …) 

DX 100 is based on orange-terpenes, non ionic and anionique surface active agents based on naturel ingredients. 

Available packages1 L 25 L
  • Dosage: 0.5-100%