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The most concentrated disinfectant!
  • most effective disinfectant
  • worldwide proven efficacy (EN and AOAC)
  • recommended for emergency disease control
  • users friendly
Eco Des
Cleaning and disinfecting product based on quaternary ammonium
  • cleaner with disinfecting action
  • based on quaternary ammonium
  • ideal for surfaces
Disinfectant based on peracetic acid
  • Disinfectant based on peracetic acid
  • Broad spectrum of activity
  • Strong oxidiser
  • Slightly foaming
Keno™cid 210 ¼
Concentrated disinfectant based on quaternairy ammonium and glutaraldehyde
  • concentrated disinfectant
  • based on quaternary ammonium and glutaraldehyde
  • for all surfaces, materials and equipment