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Food processing

Alox DMS F
Alkaline degreasing foaming cleaner
  • concentrated alkaline cleaner
  • strong foaming action
  • strong degreasing action
DX 100
Natural solvent replacer
  • concentrated stain remover
  • for obstinate contamination
  • general cleaner for hard, non-porous surfaces
AD Oxi
Additive with oxidizing properties
  • cleaning booster
  • for hydroxide
  • based on active oxygen
AD 60
Additive for hydroxide in CIP installations
  • concentrated additive
  • alkaline purifications CIP
  • can be inforced for on-stages purification
MSR 30
Acid cleaner.
  • acid cleaner
  • removal of deposits with mineral composition
  • based on nitric acid and phosporic acid
DM Clean SL
Non-foaming cleaner for the entire food industry
  • alkaline cleaner
  • non-foaming
  • extra corrosion inhibitors
Disinfectant based on chlorine
  • concentrated disinfectant
  • based on chlorine
  • slight foaming effect
  • all surfaces, equipment and transport in the food industry
Keno™cid 210 ¼
Concentrated disinfectant based on quaternairy ammonium and glutaraldehyde
  • concentrated disinfectant
  • based on quaternary ammonium and glutaraldehyde
  • for all surfaces, materials and equipment