Alkaline prewash for high speed conveyors
  • alkaline prewash for high speed conveyors
  • EDTA-, NTA- and phosphate free!
  • user-friendly
  • contains a high amount of corrosion-inhibitors
  • specifically made for systems with hard water
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Globo 'Formule 1' is a concentrated, NTA-Free alkaline cleaner, which speeds up the drying effect. Globo 'Formule 1' works gloss enhancing and ensures a stain free drying result. 


Available packages20 L
  • Apply the exact dosing, from the bottom to the top.
  • Let soak.
  • Clean off thoroughly with high pressure.
  • Dosage carwash: 0,5 - 2%.
  • Dosage truckwash: 2 - 4%.