Successful Poultry Seminar Turkey

CID LINES and Petersime participated in a successful Poultry Biosecurity seminar in Turkey, organized by Poultech, its distributor for the country. The focus was put on producing healthy birds in the hatchery and keeping the birds healthy during the life cycle in the farms. The seminar was widely attended by the complete Turkish poultry industry.

For 30 years, CID LINES has worked to improve the knowledge of biosecurity from farm to fork around the world through innovative hygiene solutions and services. CID LINES has furthered this commitment to expanding these concepts and increasing the awareness to poultry producers by organizing a seminar in Turkey with its new distributor Poultech. The seminar was held in NG Sapanca wellness and convention Hotel Turkey in January 2018.

Under the theme of Poultry Biosecurity, the attendees were led through a journey from formaldehyde free hatchery, measuring biosecurity in the farms using our BIOCHECK instrument and the importance of antibiotic reduction. Biosecurity management comprises all measures taken to minimize the risk of the introduction and spread of infectious agents, thus lowering the risks of disease outbreaks. Antimicrobial resistance has become one of the main concerns for the future worldwide and therefore goes hand in hand with a valuable biosecurity program. “CID LINES and Poultech have had a great start with this biosecurity seminar in hatcheries! We are eager to get in the field and support the Turkish poultry industry with our products and knowledge. Prevention is the way to more profit!” says Vatche Sagherian, Sales Manager Turkey.

Thanks to the professional organization of Poultech, we were able to reach the majority of the key industry players in Turkey. The seminar had 60 participants going from poultry integrators, hatcheries and breeding companies from all over the country. The event was highly interactive; the attendees were given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the seminar. The feedback was very positive from everyone involved.