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Equipment hygiene

DM Cid
Cleaning and disinfecting properties
  • alkaline chlorinated cleaner and disinfection
Pho Cid
For removal of calcium and iron deposits!
  • acid cleaner for descaling for tubes and tanks removal of calcium and iron deposits alternate with DM Cid
Eco Cid
Acid for cleaning and descaling.
  • acid for cleaning and descaling
  • for all milking equipment
  • used after the evening milking session
  • contains several acids
Eco Chlor
Alkaline chlorinated detergent.
  • alkaline chlorinated detergent
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • in CIP installations
  • based on hypochlorite
Pho Cid R
Acid detergent for the cleaning of CIP installations.
  • acid cleaning agent descaling of milking equipment at high temperature producted based on phosphoric acid and citric acid. Doesn’t contain Sulfiric acid
Kenocid 2100
Ideal for milking robots!
  • disinfectant
  • based on active stabilised peracetic acid
  • used for disinfection of brushes in milking robot
DM Clean Super
Strong alkaline cleaner.
  • strong alkaline cleaner non-foaming ideal for milking robots safe at high temperatures (chlorine free)
Keno™cid 2100 5%
Acid disinfectant for CIP installations
  • Acid disinfectant for CIP installations Based on peracetic acid (5%) and hydrogen peroxide Strong oxidizer