Nr 2 Piggeries, located in South Africa (and with farms also in Namibia) , is the continent's biggest pig producer. They have currently over 25.000 sows, which represents 35% of the South African market.   The farms are 100% on CID LINES' products, invluding water treatment. They did a very sucvesful trial at a weaner farm, where our latest product AGROCID SUPER COMPLETE replaced colistine and still the ADG improbed with 3% in ansolute terms (with 20% in relative terms). The annattoirs are now using Kenosan Lactic for Knof disofectoon, to replace the cumbersome "steam disifectants". Their meat is branded "Winelnd Pork". 

The company held her yearly seminar "HOG DAYS 2016" with over 100 employees, suppliers and other stakenholders. Luc Ledoux from CID LINES has been a speaker for the last 9 hog days. Below is a picture of the group.

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