Our vision & values: triple guarantee to a cleaner and healthier future

Our corporate identity is based on 3 strong values: entrepreneurship, safety and personal relationships. These guiding principles help us to be one of the most outstanding partners for all industries active in food production and processing.

A personal relationship with all the stakeholders

The difference between CID LINES and other companies in the chemical industry is that CID LINES always think about the personal relationship with all their stakeholders. Personal contact with customers, suppliers, staff is an essential part to become a robust team, which makes it possible to accomplish our mission.


Customer satisfaction

CID LINES ensures satisfied customers throughout the company by working customer oriented in all processes. Satisfying our customers goes beyond delivering impeccable products and making the effort to bring them at their doorsteps. We stand by our customers through constant research, fine tuning hygienic technology and personalised advice in biosecurity management.



CID LINES has grown, thanks to entrepreneurship! Our founding fathers took big steps by creating new products, establishing new and foreign subsidiaries, becoming worldwide,… This made it possible to reach some achievements of entrepreneurship. To guarantee entrepreneurship in the entire company and to stimulate a constant entrepreneurial spirit, we want to incorporate this attitude into CID LINES. The development of self-steering teams will make sure that every employee feels himself involved and responsible. We want that every team member not only do things what we dictate him, but also help to think about the right strategy or campaign, reflect upon the things he does and make corrections whenever necessary. Only by working critically, with all members of the team, we become bigger and stronger, what results in a more established company to the outside world.


Our goals: triple guidance to a productive and rewarding business

The vision of CID LINES encompasses 3 objectives for which we want to strive during the years to come. Goals set out to lead our company from good to great and in the process make it possiblr for all our partners to take advantage of it:

  1. consolidate the growth and develop it further
  2. guarantee entrepreneurship
  3. guarantee security for MME