Mastitis management starts with a good plan, and above all, solid understanding of the current situation on the farm. A mastitis tool can help gain these insights and lower the mastitis incidence in the dairy herd.


"Awareness is the greatest agent for change," the famous spiritual teacher and writer Eckhart Tolle said. And whether it is about life philosophy, or mastitis management, the idea is the same. 



Awareness is to have the knowledge or discernment of a situation. When you talk about mastitis, still one of the main economic diseases on a dairy farm, farmers often accept the situation and assume there is simply not so much you can do about it to prevent it. However, sometimes there is lack of awareness that improvement of the mastitis stuation on the farm is possible. Because habits are deeply ingrained and practices are in place for a long time, change can be difficult. Whether the long-standing habits and patterns will successfully be broken is ultimately determined by one's ability to find and maintain motivation and an action plan. 

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