Mastitis indicator (C.M.T. method).
  • perfect indicator
  • for rapid detection of subclinical mastitis
  • based on C.M.T. method
  • semi quantitative indication
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Keno™test is the perfect indicator for rapid detection of subclinical mastitis. Based on the C.M.T. method, it gives a semi quantitative indication of the level of somatic cells present in the milk. To be used with the special test-pallet.

  • Throw away the 3 first milk jets, which contain bacteria present in the teat canal.
  • Put approximately 2ml of milk in a cup. Each cup corresponds to one quarter.
  • Throw away the excess of milk.
  • Add 2 ml of Keno™test in each cup (a pressure of pump = 2 mL).
  • Mix approximately 15 seconds the test pallet in an oscillatory movement.
  • After 30 seconds, compare the aspect of each mixture with the table and determine the level of cells of each quarter.
  • Throw away the liquid, clean the test pallet with water and dry it thoroughly before next use.