Ready-to-use drying powder for housing and animals.
  • bedding powder with high drying capacity
  • ready-to-use
  • no chemical reaction
  • recycling of the humidity/water/litter
  • safe for skin of animals and (metal) materials
  • less attractive environment for bacteria and flies
  • non-irritating aroma for human and animals
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Keno™lit is a premium, ready-to-use drying powder with a high drying capacity to use with standard organic or inorganic material. Ken™olit, functioning as a litter conditioner, makes a non-chemical reaction when it gets in contact with water. Specific for this physical reaction is that Ken™olit has the capacity of absorption and reversible hydration. Essential oils are added that create a non-irritating aroma each time it’s used.

Housing conditions are essential to Manage Mastitis, use Ken™olit to keep your stables dry and prevent growth of environment bacteria causing Mastitis.

Keno™lit is often used to dry the animals itself as well.

Available packages25 kg


  • Cubicles: 150g (5.3 oz.) scattered to the rear of the cubicle 3x per week
  • Loose housing, straw yards: 500g (1 lb)/cow, 3x a week or as required.
  • Calf pens and hutches: 100g/m² (2lb. to 100 sq.ft.), 2-3 times per week.


  • Birth: coat the piglet in Keno™lit
  • During lactation: scatter twice a day 50g (2 oz) onto the litter
  • During weaning and fattening period: blow or scatter 50g/m² (1 lb. to 100 sq. ft.) per day during the first 10 days.
  • During gestation: scatter 1 handful 50g (2 oz) per sow/day.
  • Pigs: 16-32 oz per 12 x 12 ft.


  • Broilers: 100g/m² ( 2 lb. to 100 sq. ft.)/ week, from day 1 to week 5.
  • Turkeys: 100g/m² ( 2 lb. to 100 sq. ft.)/ week, from day 1 to week 12.
  • Ducks on straw litter: 50g/m² ( 1 lb. to 100 sq. ft.) every other day from hatching.