As you might have already noticed, we would like to inform you that Stefan Van Oosterwijck has decided to end his cooperation with CID LINES. With great appreciation; we want to thank him for almost 18 years of support and dedication!

As of the 1st of January, Felix De Can will be replacing him as Vehicle Care Division Manager.

Felix is a familiar face for the most of you. He has been working for CID LINES KENOTEK for more than 5 years now as Export Sales Manager with a focus on business development In North- and East Europe.

‘My main goals for 2018 will be stabilizing the current product portfolio, hire experienced profiles and keep on following the market trends with passion. The pillars of a good distribution network are made now we will keep on looking to add value along the path. All valuable input from our partners is appreciated and I look forward being a part of this success story.’