High foaming shampoo with gloss improving effect
  • high foaming gloss enhancing intense perfume experience multifunctional use (wall of foam/brushes)
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KENOLON Ocean Sense is a high foaming shampoo with gloss improving effect and intense perfume.

KENOLON Ocean Sense guarantees optimal cleaning performance and a strong shine during the washing process. KENOLON Ocean Sense gives easily rinse-off foam, and leaves no remainders between door cracks and trunks.

KENOLON Ocean Sense maintains the textile in a carwash and is compatible with every water recycling unit.

KENOLON OCEAN SENSE can be used in all types of carwash systems as a foam and/or as a shampoo .It is also suitable for the wall of foam or as a foaming agent in selfwashes. 

Available packages20 L

Always use KENOLON Ocean Sense in combination with compressed air and water to obtain a perfect foaming action. Mechanical action on the vehicle surface with a brush or mitter is desired after application of KENOLON Ocean Sense to improve the gloss effect. After this the vehicle has to be rinsed off with clear water and then a protective wax and/or a drying agent is applied.

Dosage: 10 to 20 ml per vehicle (0,1 – 0,2 %).