The complete premium range

What's Kenolon about?

The Kenolon range makes the link between cleaning and protection, between detailing and carwashing.The Kenolon carwash line offers a well-balanced product range that creates ultimate sensation in your washing complex! Wash safe, faster and create a stunning result with recycling system compatible products.

The Kenolon range offers products for every step of your vehicles life! Starting with a ceramic coating product to protect your vehicle’s paintwork, outperforming the hardness of an OEM clear coat, offering optimal protection and making the surface more scratch resistant.

Afterwards Kenolon washing chemicals to maintain an optimal conservation and guarantee you that ultimate gloss.

This range will help you convince your customers to go for the Premium program and enjoy a sensational result.



Why using Kenolon?

​The complete Kenolon carwash line is VDA approved at our recommended dilutions. This implies that the range is not corrosive on the sensitive parts used on the outside of a vehicle. Even our alkaline prewash chemical (high pH) is safe for men, vehicle and carwash installation without losing the efficiency.


Kenolon Product range 

Kenolon Prewash 4000

Powerful alkaline exterior cleaner

  • double concentrated alkaline exterior

  • NTA and phosphate free

  • high foaming action

  • easy to rinse off

  • unique blend of surfactants

  • lime fresh perfume




Kenolon Sense

High foaming shampoo with gloss improving effect

  • high foaming

  • gloss enhancing

  • intense perfume experience

  • multifunctional use
    (wall of foam/brushes)





Kenolon Shampoo

Concentrated machine shampoo

  • strong foaming action

  • neutralizes pH on the vehicle

  • keeps washing materials, constructions and hall longer clean, compared to conventional products

  • neutralises bad smells

  • nice, freshly fragranced

  • balances pH in the water recycling unit




Kenolon Hydro Shampoo

Foaming polish shampoo with nano-technology

  • foaming gloss shampoo and foam polish

  • improves the beading effect of the waterfilm

  • accelerates and improves the drying result

  • pleasant bubblegum perfume




Kenolon Hydro Polish

Concentrated foam polish with renovating effect

  • extremely concentrated foam polish

  • renovating effect

  • unique gloss components

  • smoothens out the surface

  • Kenolon II technology

  • pleasant sweet perfume





Kenolon Hydro Wax

Concentrated wax

  • gives an outstanding gloss and protection to the paintwork and plastics of a car

  • suitable for use in hard and soft water

  • good results, even at a high washing speed





Kenolon Protector

Concentrated high-gloss protector

  • extremely concentrated gloss protection

  • long-lasting protective shield

  • renovation effect

  • adviced as a foam wax

  • Kenolon technology II

  • dirt and UV repellent shield

  • ensures a deep long-lasting gloss



Kenolon Speed Dryer

Concentrated gloss dryer

  • gives a long remaining, mirror glaze to the paintwork

  • suitable for use in hard and soft water

  • good results, even at a high washing speed

  • hydrophobic effect on the car

  • avoids microdrops