Concentrated foam polish with renovating effect
  • extremely concentrated foam polish
  • renovating effect
  • unique gloss components
  • smoothens out the surface
  • Kenolon II technology
  • pleasant sweet perfume
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Kenolon Foam Polish gives a long-lasting high gloss of all body and plastic parts through the integrated KENOLON II technology. Pleasant fragrance.
Its unique composition provides a renovating effect on the micro-scratches on the paint surface. This creates a higher gloss and smoothens out the surface.

Kenolon Foam Polish is applied through a foaming applicator and the product is massaged deep into the paintwork of the vehicle by the last mitter/brush of the carwash installation.

Available packages20 L
  • Applied through a foaming applicator.
  • Massage deep into the paintwork of the vehicle by the last mittter/ brush of the carwash installation.
  • Dosage carwash: 5- 20 ml/vehicle (= 0,05- 0,20%).