At some farms, there can still be a problem with the drinking water quality, even after a thorough cleaning of the drinking lines.

In these cases the problem often lies with the quality of the water that enters the farm. Where does the water come from? Surface water such as artificial lakes or surface wells and well water mostly carry high bacterial load with them. Also Trichoderma and algae are commonly found in these kind of waters. In these situations the incoming water should be disinfected at all times!


Keno™Xpro is a two component solution where Keno™Xpro B works as an activator for Keno™Xpro A. Once A and B are mixed and added to a specific volume of water, Keno™Xpro (A+B) produces a chlorine dioxide solutions.

Keno™Xpro has a strong oxidating capacity, but is not corrosive and works independently from the pH, temperature and water hardness. It removes and prevents the biofilm. Based on CIO2, Keno™Xpro prevents deposit of iron and manganese, so scale free drinking lines are assured. Since CIO2 does not cause bad odors (like chlorine), Keno™Xpro destroys phenols that are responsible for taste and odor problems.

Dosing: 50-300 ppm, depending on the quality and contamination level of the drinking water.