CID LINES was represented at the Mid West Poultry Convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis (Minnesota) through our US importer BVS. This show focuses mainly on the North American  layer and turkey industries.
The US is following Europe by putting Anti Biotics more and more under pressure, so hygiene becomes more and more important.
Also water line hygiene is getting more attention !

The Convention also hosts “Educational Programs”, where Ross Thoreson, Sales Manager of BVS, gave a presentation on “Water line cleaning and sanitation”.

Prof. Dr. Susan Watkins from the University of Arkansas gave a talk on “the importance of water quality”. She reconfirmed her 2006 study by stating that : “CID 2000 at 2 % kills quicker and more efficaciously bacteria than Proxyclean at 3 %”. (Proxyclean is the US version of Aquaclean, a 50 % H2O2 water line cleaner).