CID LINES: dedicated supplier of innovative hygiene solutions

CID LINES, established in 1988, is a Belgian company. From day one CID LINES aims to be an established value when it comes to innovative hygiene solutions. We do this by offering complete product ranges, integrated solutions and know-how combined with technical advice. We strive to implement those by having a proactive customer service at the most cost effective price.


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Our vision & values: triple guarantee to a cleaner and healthier future

Our corporate identity is based on 3 strong values: entrepreneurship, safety and personal relationships. These guiding principles help us to be one of the most outstanding partners for all industries active in food production and processing.

  1. A personal relationship with all the stakeholders

  2. Customer satisfaction

  3. Entrepreneurship

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The history of CID LINES

From farmer to international manufacturer... 




Our mission: added value from farm to fork

Our mission is to guarantee safe food from farm to fork by offering innovative hygiene solutions throughout the complete food chain. CID LINES develops and produces hygiene products such as cleaners, disinfectants and medicines for veterinary use, for the transport industry and for the food processing industry. We facilitate our products through implementing concepts that prevent contamination of diseases on animals and humans

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Our goals: triple guidance to a productive and rewarding business

The vision of CID LINES encompasses 3 objectives for which we want to strive during the years to come. Goals set out to lead our company from good to great and in the process make it possiblr for all our partners to take advantage of it:

  1. consolidate the growth and develop it further
  2. guarantee entrepreneurship
  3. guarantee security for MME